"You must mature latina cunt remember, Ian, that it was a different time back then." Irina gave her grandson a patient smile. "Arranged marriages were very common place at that time. No one thought that there would be any problems with the arrangement between the families. It soon came to light though that the marriage would not work.

"What happened?" Ian was being drawn chunky latinas into his grandmother's story

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"It was during one summer night when fate decided to latina escorts dc stick her hand into things and change the families forever. The Merripen boy was found in the woods having…relations." Irina chuckled as Ian rolled his eyes at her choice of words. "The problem was it was not with the girl he was to marry.

"Who was it latina sex screenshot with?" Ian asked

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"He was with the girl's brother." Irina sighed heavily. hairy latina pussy "Needless to say the Merripen family was outraged. They couldn't believe that one of their own would mate with someone of the same sex. They were even more upset when the Renaldi family didn't even blink an eye. In fact they offered their son in place of their daughter.

"Are you serious?" Ian was shocked. "Their family was that latina teen cunts open-minded?

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"The Renaldi latina bbw iso maryland family loved their children very much and only wanted for their happiness. The Merripen family felt very differently. They demanded that the boy still marry the Renaldi girl. Of course the boy refused, he claimed he was in love with the young man." Irina's eyes filled with tears as she continued the story. "The boy threatened to run away with his lover. His father gave him a choice: either stay with his family or he would be hunted down and killed. The man believed his son was betraying the family.

"So the boy had to choose between hot latina cock suck life or death, his love or his family?" Ian's eyebrows rose high on his head. "That is so wrong.

"Wrong and ironic, Ian, because latina couples porno the name Merripen in Romani means life or death." Irina continued. "It gets worse, my child. The boy was so fearful for not only his life, but his lover's life, he choose to remain with his family. His father is the one responsible for the curse. He forced his child to perform the ritual and curse the Renaldi family. They were cursed to forever walk in the darkness, to never see the light of day again.

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"How could someone do that to their own child?" latina lesbian teen lovers Ian was pissed off. "That had to have destroyed the boy.

"It did break his spirit." Irina agreed. "The full free porn latinas impact of what the curse had done was not realized until weeks later when half of the Merripen family were killed in their sleep. The Renaldi family sought justice for the cruelty that was inflicted upon them.

"They had every right to!" latinas movies and galleries Ian exclaimed. "They did nothing wrong. Their family should have never been cursed!

"I agree with you, my child." A sad smile appeared on free latina blowjob video clip her weathered face. "The Merripen family was scared for the remaining lives of their family. So they called upon their ancestors to help protect them. The Merripen family had some Gypsy magic in their blood, but with help from their ancestors they became very powerful. They vowed to hunt down and destroy the creatures that killed their family.

"You mean hunt down the people that they had fucked over big booty white girls latina girls to begin with!" Rage surged through Ian's veins. "They cursed the Renaldi family, and if they wouldn't have done that then no one would have died. It makes me sick to even be a part of this. I won't hunt anymore. I refuse to! This is why no one has told me because they knew I wouldn't agree!

"You must continue to hunt, my child." free hot latina porno pics Irina gave Ian a stern look that told him to keep his mouth shut. "The boy had worded the curse very specifically. His father wanted the family to be stripped of their humanity, but the boy's love stopped him from doing that. Yes, he turned them into creatures of the night, but he did not take their souls. latinas with big ass in thongs latinas in the nude

"What?" Ian's head latina sex trailers pounded in confusion

"The Renaldi family was forced into the girls and latina night because the sun was deadly to them, and of course they were forced to drink blood to survive." Irina explained. "However, they were not monsters because as long as they didn't kill and only fed from willing humans, they would keep their souls and their humanity. latina girl asses 8th street latinas nancy

"So I'm not hunting innocent beings." Ian's latina free galleries eyes showed his understanding. "Once a vampire takes a human soul on purpose, they lose their own soul. And if they lose their humanity, there is nothing that would stop them from killing again and again. I'm hunting murderers.

"Exactly! I knew you were a smart boy." Irina patted his hot ass latinas hand. "The Merripen ancestors were very smart as well because the power they bestowed on the family would only allow us to sense vampires without souls. That is why you were surprised by that vampire. You were not supposed to kill him because he still has his humanity, his soul. hot teen latina lesbians latina ass lesbians

8th stree latinas anitra nude pics "Are the vampires aware of this?" Ian asked

"Are they aware free big booty latina pics we only hunt the soulless?" Irina smiled as Ian nodded his head. "Yes, Ian, they are aware of it. A few decades ago a hunter ran into one of the Renaldi family members. She was completely unaware that the woman was a vampire. They were attacked one night walking through a park, and when she killed the soulless creature with her power the vampire revealed herself. latina blowjobs free nude pics of latina chics

The period and location: Medieval Monarchical era in India. The hot brown latinas story is in told in first person by the hero, King Kamasutran.

Ch. 1: The message busty latina maid latina pics free

It all started latina teen bitches when I had just made love to my third queen and was recovering my breath next to her hot sweaty body and my own manhood limp, dripping with our combined juices slowly diminishing in size. My personal assistant knocked on the door and I adjusted our clothes and let him in.

He bowed free thumbnails xxx hardcore latinas with his eyes twinkling at our condition and said humbly. "My Lord! There is an urgent message from King Namarda, our immediate neighbour, which deserves your immediate attention" skinny busty latinas

I sighed and asked him to wait adult latina pics bronx in the next room and I will follow him. Namarda was my father-in-law's brother who ruled over a prosperous state next to my kingdom and we were very close. My assistant gave me a silken letter, which summed up the issue as follows:

Due to a voodoo spell cast by his enemies, his kingdom latina rump booty faced a humanitarian crisis. Strangely all men in the state had lost their libido and turned impotent.

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It was shocking and ALL men had fallen into this trim pussy latina spell or disease, God knows what. As his kingdom now faced a shortage of soldiers due to a recent war this crisis could not have come at a worse time. The King implored me that at least in the next twenty years a formidable army of men and women has to be formed and the time for action was now.

The action he suggested was strange but fascinating teen latinas indeed. I was to go over to his kingdom as a saviour and my mission was to 'impregnate' as many women as I could in the next couple of months starting from his queens, princesses and womenfolk of the Ministers' and Army Commanders' families. I gasped at the audacity of his suggestion and the implications therein.

The letter continued, I would be provided latina hardcore porn with a private luxurious palace with all royal facilities and I was free to choose any woman at any time and place for making love without any protection and come in their wombs till one day she got pregnant.

I sat down, my mind in a whirl at the latina mel cumshot possibilities this invite threw at me, on one side this was a man's wildest dream, and on the other were moral and social implications in my family.

I convened a meeting sex hore bitch pussy latinas of all my queens and put the issue of producing 'issues' in the next kingdom to them. The ladies thought long and hard, aware of my royal duties, argued and consulted each other, but my second Queen, Sheena whose uncle was the King of a neighbouring state, prevailed on all of them that it was my royal duty to protect and foster her uncle in this distress, they all gave me the green light and with a thumping heart and my manhood secretly jumping in joy in my jocks at the awesome possibilities and delights that awaited me in the next few months, I agreed to this ' mission' and sent message to the king to arrange 'everything'.

Ch. 2: Arrival to Carnal land nude bbw latina

I arrived in my silver chariot drawn young latina girl by four powerful horses, covering the road in three hours on a hot afternoon. It was at the entrance that I saw King Namarda with all his family members present to welcome me. He hugged me warmly at the door and his first Queen, Jyothi, a luxuriously built woman of voluptuous proportions, in late thirties clad in gold brocade sari arrived with laughing eyes and sprayed me with perfumes, a sign of welcome.

My mind immediately recorded her charming body mature latina babes structure and disposition and chose her to be my one of earliest mates. The second Queen, Sonia, a charming woman in thirties came near me, her superbly formed breasts in silver bra and her sweet swollen hips rhythmically swinging in her gait, clad in matching silver embroidered dazzling sari approached me and garlanded me with jasmines.

I rubbed 8th street latinas sample videos her smooth soft arms languidly when I bent my head to accept the garland and could not help but stare lewdly at the her deep V of the bra and the soft-nippled breasts hidden therein.

She had an latina large tits nude intoxicating perfume about her that got me. On the way to the capital I saw that almost all the women gathered on the streets cheering me on, no doubt happy about my arrival to take care of them all. Men were almost non-existent there and probably hiding behind the doors, overcome with shame at their state. The excellent thing about the women of this kingdom was that they all belonged to Padmini type of women categorised in the Kama Sutra.

The chief features of latina women facial Padmini women are that they are tall and have dark long hair, their teeth are pearl white, well formed, have sweet breath and sport small red lips, they have sweet body odour, usually have well rounded soft thirty-eight inch breasts or above, their necks are superbly formed with delicate smooth skin and very erogenous to touch. The waist is small but soft to touch and they have clear skinned buttocks full of soft muscles and smooth as silk. The yoni (pussy) is like a well formed lotus flower, pink inner lips, always wet with her sweet pungent juices like dripping honey, soft petal like outer lips, small cherry shaped clitoris.

With these thoughts latina sluts gallery no doubt bringing my cock up with hot lusty blood flooding my organ, balls tightening, cock itself bobbing softly in my loose robe unhindered by any shorts, I entered my private palace and moved closer to my mission that awaited therein.

latina maid tits Ch. 3: The bodyguard

The interiors of the well known latinas nude palace were tastefully decorated and I was seated on a throne with silken cushions and windows were open to a large swimming pool and a lovely garden with flowering and fruit bearing trees.

The breeze was cool and the setting was apt for the latina les fuck ladies to make their presence felt, but it had to be the king, Namarda himself who came over and sat near me and spoke thus:

"Oh, King Kamasutran, thanks tits and pussy pics for free latinas from the bottom of my heart for acceding to our strange request. In the following days I hope you will enjoy our hospitality and the ladies will only make your stay worthwhile, so 'Serve and be served'! If there is any thing other than the beautiful women, who will be at your beck and call, that you need of me, please do not hesitate.

"One word of caution though; my enemies preteen latina who are responsible for this despicable crime of turning our men impotent may attack you as you are the only impediment to their conspiracy now. I deploy my most trusted and competent Bodyguard, again a woman, named Sahana to be with you always," he coughed, "Even during the most private moments when you are copulating, as attacks could come at any place and hour. I hope you will accept these arrangements as they are fully thought out and mutually agreeable, especially after you meet Sahana in person."

He called out, "Sahana" and lo! She free nude pics and movies of latinas appeared out of the silver curtained doorway. I must say I have been blessed to seen many women as a king myself, but Sahana's first vision took my breath away.

She was at least six feet three tall, brownish hardcore latina girl black in complexion and powerfully built. She had the mild demeanour of a virgin and hidden power of a cheetah. She was breathtakingly fascinating, a combination of beauty and brawn. She was wearing a close fitting gown, which was open at back and midriff. Her face was supremely calm with confidence and her watchful eyes were naturally black. Her neck gleamed with a shining black skin and her breasts, hardly concealed in her tight blouse, were at least each a ripe papaya fruit size.

Her bare midriff had tight smooth abdominal muscles with a lesbians de latina deep but small navel. Her buttocks were ample and well rounded and her thighs were superbly built with strong muscles and her legs were long and appropriate. She approached me, her walk like almost animal like, strangely mesmerising. She bowed with a quick bend of her waist and took my hands in her honey brown palms firmly and kissed it softly. I was thrilled. Well, she had a body that needed guarding, not mine!

"At your service, latina in skirt sex day and night, your majesty," she said softly with a firm voice.

"So am I," I nude black latina women said and gave a wicked wink, which did not go unnoticed.

'Sahana' meant spicy latina ladies patience in local language and I thought it was apt for her. She gave a slow smile, nodded her head, and took position on my right, which was to be her position, as I gathered for the next few months, day and night!

"The ladies will shaved latina women soon appear and you can discuss with them, if you have a plan of action ready on their roles and, ah, their individual timetables."